Sprouted Multi-Seed Flatbreads


Elevate your snacks with a healthier alternative. 

Produced in the United States, our crisp sprouted wheat multi-seed flatbread crackers are a great cholesterol-free, low-fat, and trans fat-free snack.

Sprouted grains, such as sprouted wheat, have many health benefits. They have a higher percentage of nutrients that can be absorbed easier in comparison to regular wheat. These include vitamin C, zinc, iron, protein, and magnesium. Due to the way they are produced, sprouted grains contain less starch making them easier to digest.

Try with soups, salads, dips, and spreads.

Ingredients: Sprouted wheat flour, vegetable oil (safflour oil or soybean oil), malt, salt, yeast. Topping: Sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, dried onion, caraway seeds. CONTAINS: WHEAT, SOY